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OneSoul Thumb Grips Sony PS4 Controller Review

OneSoul Thumb Grips for Sony PS4 (PlayStation Dualshock 4) Controllers Review Product Link: The OneSoul grip material felt like soft synthetic rubber. In the bag were 4 sets of grips, 2 convex and 2 concave. For games like Madden and Shadow of Mordor, it didn’t improve my gameplay. The grip

Is a 500W PSU Enough For A High-End Gaming System in 2018 (8700K + GTX 1080Ti)

How far can you get with an old 500W power supply in 2018? ******************************************************************** We Do Stuff ► We Do Gaming ► Steam Group ► Discord ► ******************************************************************** Cheapest Computer Parts in South Africa Rebel Tech (South Africa) ►Shop – ►Facebook – ******************************************************************** Any Donations Are Welcome Paypal ► Bitcoin

Does it Hold Up? Freelancer Review

This is a series where we ask the all important question for any older game title. Does it Hold Up? This is a review of Freelancer for the PC. The game is held in pretty high esteem for a lot of people. In any discussion about Space Sims, it usually