Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – Full Episodes of Clay Maker/Squish Game – Kids Disney Jr. App – Walkthrough
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Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Clayhouse, where you can sculpt and squish anything your imagination can dream up! Stretch, push, and pull clay to make your very own version of Mickey or Minnie, or start from scratch with dozens of fun clay shapes from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse universe! Once you’re finished, you can twist, inflate, and melt your creation using fun and unique Squishers!

• Through innovative, kid-friendly technology, kids can manipulate 3D clay molds of Mickey and Minnie with easy-to-use sculpting tools!
• Character molds and shapes help little ones make their favorite characters from the show, while older kids will discover that their creations are limited only by their imaginations!
• Wild and crazy Squishers – the Twisterator, the Melter, and the Inflaterator – provide hours of hilarious fun!
• Kids can save their clay creations to the Gallery to show-off to their family and friends!

In-App Purchases pile on the fun with molds of Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy – plus new shapes, colors, and Squishers that zap, noodle, slice, and splatter!

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